Our Incredible Christmas Kick-Off!

Last night, over 200 kids attended our Children’s Church Christmas Kick-off!

The theme this year – INCREDIBLE CHRISTMAS!

Here’s a little bit about the Series:

Main Point: Experience the INCREDIBLE story of Christmas. The Christmas Story is an incredible tale of the birth of an incredible hero – Jesus our Savior.

Incredible Trust – Mary was just a normal girl living her life. When an angel visited Mary, she had to use her incredible trust to believe in God’s amazing plan to save to the world even when no one else believed her. Luke 1:26-38, The Angel Visits Mary

Incredible Invisibility – The powerful birth of Jesus happened in a small town– invisible to most of the world. God chose to reveal the good news to a nearly invisible group of shepherds out in the fields. Luke 2:1-20, The Shepherds

Incredible Power – Jesus was born a powerful king, and his birth attracted the attention of the strong and powerful, like the Magi and King Herod. Matthew 2:1-12, The Visit of the Magi

Incredible Grace – God sent the most incredible hero the world has ever seen when He sent His son Jesus to save the world from sin and give everyone the gift of eternal life. Matthew 1:18-23 The birth of Jesus


So last night,  Jose, Fabi, & I dressed up as the INCREDIBLE FAMILY! (Sorry that picture won’t be making the cut for this blog! LOL).  We explained to the children that our hope over the next 4 weeks is that they will see God’s plan for their lives as they learn about the Christmas Story.

Emma led some Jesus Aerobics & Our Generation helped pass out popcorn before we started the movie – Incredibles 2. 


Today was our first lesson in the series – Incredible Trust! 

For an object lesson: I held up a piece of string and talked about how the string alone seems insignificant & might even be thrown away… but when you attach it to an ornament the string now serves a purpose and becomes apart of something beautiful. I challenged them to see themselves as apart of a bigger picture – someone who serves a bigger purpose & is beautiful.

Skit: Each week Jose & Levi will be acting out a skit.  Levi is just an ordinary kid but the superhero (Jose) will remind him that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. By the end of the series – Levi will realize that he’s been chosen and will become a superhero too!

We had a packed house for our first week and a great time was had by all!

Please pray for us during these next 4 weeks….that these children will understand their worth and that they’ll believe they too can do incredible things for the kingdom.


  1. How cool is this……………….wish I were there to celebrate with you all!!s MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. Fantastic start for Christmas! Praying for soft hearts and Jesus’s healing touch all over Mole St. Nicholas.
    Love, Joan

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