Our 2019 Easter Egg Extravaganza!

On Friday, May 3rd –  we hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt & Children’s Church Party!  

(The party was delayed a few weeks – as the Castillos were stateside caring for Jody’s sister who has Stage 4 Gallbladder Cancer. Prayers are appreciated for her complete healing here on earth.)

We invited 60 children who earned the most points in children’s church.  Points are earned for attendance, inviting friends, memorizing scripture, and answering questions.

We had an absolute BLAST! The party lasted 2 1/2 hours and everyone left with a full belly and a sack of yummy candy!


We had 870 plastic eggs to hide! We had a ping-pong table with cups of candy for a special game! We also had another table full of prizes. Many of the eggs had a number hidden in them. Those papers could then be exchanged for the prizes on the table!



Our first activity was eating! We had spaghetti & hotdogs, a special slaw, juice, and chips.



Our second activity was Yard Games! We did one group game and then divided everyone into 6 groups of 10 for relay races. Teams were awarded prizes for each game!

Game 1 – 6-Corners… It’s very similar to 4-corners. The children could stand behind any sign they want. I then pulled a picture out of a cup. If that’s their picture than they are out. The kids move around again each round and I pull another picture out. The last kid standing wins.

Game 2 – Sack Race

Game 3 – Spoon/Egg Race

Game 4 – Watergun Race… The kids ran to a table full of water guns and they had to squirt the plastic egg on the table with water until it fell off.



Our next activity was coloring bags for the Easter Egg Hunt. We had a contest where the best bags were awarded prizes!



Our last activity was the EASTER EGG HUNT!!  We divided the children into 2 groups of 30 for the Easter Egg Extravaganza!

BUT –  Before we did our last activity, we shared about the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday. Most kids can’t wait to find an egg full of candy. But after Christ gave His life on the cross – 3 days later – the tomb was empty. The “egg” was empty. And though some folks might be disappointed with an empty egg- the empty tomb was the greatest miracle/gift we could ever receive.

SO – 30 of the littlest kids got to go first – –  while the older kids waited. Those waiting, watched Veggie Tales  AND one-by-one we called them over to play the ping-pong candy game. After 25 minutes they switched.

Then everyone came back into the cafeteria and exchanged any little papers they had (hidden in eggs) for prizes.

So that we could re-use the plastic eggs next year, we emptied out each egg as the children returned to the cafeteria. Then we graciously dumped all the yummy candy into their bags! YAHOO!

Malaya made nearly 100 brownies –  and each child got one as they left the party!

Many thanks to the Fowler Family for donating all the candy for the Eggs! They absolutely LOVED them! 


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