Goat & Rice Give-Away…

On Saturday we were blessed to gift 8 goats to 4 needy Haitian families from our community. We gave them each a male/female pair so that they could mate and sell the babies.
This is a HUGE opportunity for families who are struggling to find work. It offers them a lasting way to provide for their families. We would like to give a special thank you to Nancy Spring  for helping us make this special give-away possible! 
We also gifted 50 needy elderly folks from our community with large bags of rice/beans thanks to our friends from Bowling Green Christian Church!  This year has been SO harsh for everyone – but especially the granmoun in our area. On Saturday, many of them tearfully shared with us how they hadn’t eaten anything in days…..and for sure they hadn’t had any beans/protein for months.
Because the roads have been cut off for such a long time…  there’s been very little food to buy in general in our area. Rice is extremely expensive right now… and beans are VERY difficult to find.
Before we passed everything out…. we prayed a hedge of protection over our community & surrounding neighbors,  we prayed for the leaders of our country as a whole, we prayed for the leaders of this mission and the employees who so faithfully serve, and we begged for God to make Himself known during this economic crisis.
Here are some pictures from this special moment together…

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