Dreams and Goals…. We Need Your Help!

Last year I was so engaged & overwhelmed with caring for my dying sister… and grieving the loss of my best friend & her mother…. that I neglected to advocate for our campus needs! I forgot to ask you to collect items for our yearly shipments: like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, school supplies, etc

So below is a list of our Campus Dreams & Goals!

We ask that you fervently pray over these needs. In full transparency, I have struggled with my prayer-life… unsure whether God hears my cries or not. There were times where I could barely stand… where I was headed for a violent fall –  had friends not “randomly” reached out and caught me. 
 But I know God is a GOOD God. I believe in His timing and in His sovereignty.  I do know prayer changes things. This is a world full of hurting people… perhaps you could be the reason that someone else finds their footing.  So pray over our missionaries, our staff, our campus, our needs, our community…. and most importantly your community and your sphere of influence.  

Whether you feel called to help us or others…. I encourage you to do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.



The following is a list of projects that we compiled as a staff and believe position us in the best possible way for our ministry.  They’re not necessarily listed by priority….

Basketball Court Covered

  • We would really like to cover the basketball court with a high steel roof.  This way we can do sports ministries on the court even in the daytime without the kids being stuck in the sun.  We’ve tried to do some summer camp activities and the parents were frustrated that their kids were playing games on the court at 2pm in the afternoon.
**Not really sure how much this would cost because it has to be built in a way that we don’t need poles in the middle of the court. We don’t need to build on top of it…but we’d like for it to be hurricane sturdy.


Clinic Expansion ROOF Covered

  • We would like to build a shakoon on top of the clinic. This would be a covered area with no walls. It’s a wooden roof with thatch on it….kind of that Caribbean tiki-post look. The idea is that we can do devotions up there, have meetings up there, it’s another place seminars and daily activities can happen. We can also do weddings up there….in honor of my best friend “The Wedding Lady”.
**We believe this will be $5,000. Steps leading up to this area are already poured thanks to our last team!



  • When we first built the clinic, we did it with the mindset that it would play a smaller role in the community.  But it has actually become the main facility to go to… especially for pharmacy needs.
  • We have been blessed with start-up funds to expand the clinic – adding a separate pharmacy, lab, & overnight room for patients! This past year we completed this project! The building is ready to be used now…but we need supplies to get everything started.
**We need funds for the “start-up” supplies for the lab. We have all the larger equipment just not the tubes, slides, specimen containers, & smaller individual tests. We have an overnight area for patients – but we need IV bags/tubing and supplies so that we can treat them through the night.  We need $4000.00 to stock this new expansion. 


Granmoun/Homeless Program:

    • There are many elders who have become orphans – their children have all died out from under them. They sleep on porches or in the street. We’ve seen them abused, beaten, and I’ve treated elderly ladies who’ve been raped. They have no place they can sleep safely. One man had kerosene thrown on him because he was sleeping on the porch of a house and they didn’t want him there. They are dying without any dignity. During the rainy season they are wet & cold.
    • We would like to build a home that can house 30 men & 30 women. It would be great if we were able to feed them but the most important thing is to provide them a safe place to sleep.  They can check-in each night and check-out in the morning so there aren’t monthly costs associated.
One home has been completed. We need $20,000 to complete the second home as a structure. We need $13,000 to outfit the 2nd homes with plumbing, electricity, windows, etc.


 Church Needs:

  • We came up short on finishing the outside of the church. We weren’t able to plaster the sides.
  • A lot of our sound/speakers need to be upgraded/fixed. It’s very hard to do any sort of conference or big event because the speakers go in and out all the time.
  • We would like to screen the church….the mosquitos are SO bad inside the church. We can’t really bug-bomb it or control it. We’d love to add side fans onto the walls as well….as away of also keeping the mosquitos from being to bad.
  • We would REALLY like to tile the floor. We have nice instruments and the floor is rough/dusty. No matter how much you sweep – there’s always more dust to be found with the rough floor. This would allow us to keep everything clean.  Also as a church who lived in a tent for many years I think there is a want to show God continues to provide and none of the curses worked.  ***This particular need has a lot to do with the struggles we faced because of the curses that came against us – the voodoo services that burned down our military tent time and time again. It’s probably a little prideful on our part.. but in a culture where the building matters… we’ve faced a ton of battles trying to get this church completed.
**Plastering sides of church: 2200.00  **Tiling the Church: 7500.00  **Instrument/Speaker Repairs: $2500.00 
**Screening the church: 1200.00 – This need has just been met! PRAISE THE LORD!


Orphanage Needs:

  • We have broken toilets and showers that need to be fixed. Those two buildings need a lot of work! When you have 35 kids…it requires constant care.
  • The government requires there to be an “office” for the kids in our orphanage. We need to build a small structure where we keep all their records & can officially receive social services when they visit each time.
  • Our wooden fence blew down with the storms. We would like to get a chain link fence to officially mark off the orphanage that way we can help them with boundaries.
  • When flooding happens everything pools right in front of the orphanage porch. We need to build a small canal//lay pipes// to redirect that water around the orphanage.
  • Sponsor one of our children at $30/month.

We aren’t quite sure what the budget is, as they are new to our list.  If you are interested in helping, you can put “Mole Orphan Construction” on the memo – and we will meet with our construction foreman to get started.  



If you would like to collect supplies for our yearly shipment or need more information about these projects:  PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL... jody@nwhcm.org
If you feel led to donate towards these projects or our benevolent ministry in general – which meets the needs of the community –  the information is below!
We are better together and every donation matters no matter how small! 
7301 N Georgetown Rd
Suite 190
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Please mark: Mole Ministry & the project you’d like to donate towards
You can write in the notes section:  MOLE MINISTRY & the project you’d like to help with! 

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