Texas Tech 2021 – Day 3

Sorry for the delay in posting this blog, but uploading pictures is taking much longer than usual. 


While the process of getting to Haiti might have been stressful, Haiti has been nothing but amazing since we arrived! Humid, hot, and wonderful!

We arrived Monday afternoon and were met with the most amazing missionary family, the Castillos. Their twin sons gave us the most wonderful tour of the town before we arrived at the campus. Mom, there are motorcycles everywhere and I have yet to go on a joyride. Be very very proud.

Tuesday we got to experience Haitian flag day and the joy for the culture was shown by everyone within the town.

Today, we got to paint and enjoy the rain! In the afternoon, we got to hang out with the kids on campus; we played games, had fun, and had the best time. I never want to leave!

Signing off,
Hope (a nonsunburned version of her)

PS: For Gillian, Drew is keeping white and bright for you. Those islands aren’t ready 😉

Thirsty for more information about their day? Here’s a little summary…

In the mornings, the team divides into 2 ministry groups.

Al’s group did construction in the clinic! They spent time painting and scraping the bathroom! We are doing some much needed renovations this week!

Brad’s group was with the campus kids! They are desperate to be loved on and played with! They miss playing with groups!  They spent the morning playing on the basketball court with chalk, playing basketball, hopscotch, soccer, jump rope, making bead jewelry, and painting nails!  This kids had an absolute blast! They were talking all about it last night!

After an hour or two they went in the church and Alexis taught a lesson on Jesus calming the storm! Then it was time for crafts and coloring!

FYI – Fabi is 5 years old and lives in the Castillo home. She has spent hours coloring with the group. She proudly glued all the coloring sheets to the walls in their house!! (No her parents didn’t give her permission!! Oops!)

She and the rest of the girls on campus had to show everyone how pretty their nails were. Sometimes we forget how much the little things mean. It’s been awhile since the kids have been fully engaged – embraced –  and surrounded with so much love, hugs, and attention!

The team had planned to go downtown to visit the local huts, but it got rained out. So instead, they spent the early parts of the afternoon loving on the kids & preparing for the youth conference. Sometimes Plan B is just as much fun as Plan A! 

Despite the pouring rain, we still had a great turnout for our youth conference! There were at least 60 kids in attendance!

They started the conference getting to know the kids and playing games.  They also introduced them to an arm wrestling game, which tied into Joel’s lesson about Wresting with God. He also introduced our conference theme which is  – THE AVENGERS!

Tomorrow we will finish up the lesson part of the conference, and then Friday night is our overnight lock-in!

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  1. There are several pictures from day 2 that cannot be viewed. Please repost using the same method you used for the day 3 pictures (which all load nicely)

    1. The pictures from yesterday were taken with a super nice camera with high quality pictures. When we tried to compress them – they didn’t convert correctly. All the pictures from today were taken from phones instead so they could upload easier.

  2. Alexis, its your birthday! What a great way to celebrate your day in Haiti with your team members! Hope it is great! Love seeing all the pictures, looks like tons of fun! The twins have grown, wow! Thanks for the update Hope! Sounds like things are good, praying ya’ll stay cool with the hot and humid weather. Love the arm wrestling tied into Joel’s teaching on wrestling with God, that is neat. Thank you for serving in Haiti! Love ya’ll!

  3. Hey it’s Holly Reents!! So many happy faces!! The kids look like they are having a blast. Love all the pictures and seeing how the Mole has changed. Write about your experiences, especially the little moments and miracles while you are there. They will bless you years down the road, I know mine do. Lots of love team, May the Lord bless you and the snacks flow like milk and honey.

    From Holly Reents

  4. I could tell who wrote it immediately when you mentioned motorcycles. I am very proud of you. Have fun spreading God’s love.

  5. Praying for all you amazing Texas Tech missionaries! What an amazing gift you all have sharing the hands and feet of Christ with the Haitian people. Tyann loves the Haitian people and the wonderful Castillo family and I hope she will be able to return next year! Enjoy every minute and I thank you for your service! May God Bless You all and give you strength for this special journey!

    Jodie Hight💜

  6. Aren’t children great?! What a joy it is for you to spend time with the children and youth of Haiti, playing games, loving on them & sharing the Good News! I wonder who is feeling more blessed – them or you?! 🙂

    Barb Wynn

  7. Want to hear a joke about construction?…………………I’m still working on it!

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