Michigan Group 2021 – Days 1-3…

Good evening from Haiti! Shelley here!! Day two of travel and it has already been an amazing journey that our fearless leaders, Tom and Sharon, easily navigated us through.

Today we woke in our hotel in the busy capital city of Port-au-Prince and several hours later, we arrived at NWHCM!! They have a great team of people that welcomed us in Port-au-Prince and supported our venture until we were on a plane to “The Mole.” I am told there is something called “Haitian time’, and I was able to experience it right away. Our 12:00 departure to Mole turned into a 2:00 departure, and that was ok with me. Our team had time to chat, plan and reflect on our mission.

The flight crew consisted of two pilots who immediately made me personally feel at ease. How could you not, when the pilot paraphrases scripture to put you at ease and then prays to thank God for the team he is carrying? And then off we were in our little 10 seater plane. The view was breathtaking and really something to thank God for. It gives you a real appreciation for the landscape and what the Haitian people have as home. We landed on an airstrip that most of you at home would call a dirt road. The pilots made it smooth, even better than some flights in Detroit. Then, once again, were welcomed warmly by the NWHCM staff. A short truck ride to the campus and we were officially started.
We had orientation, a tour, unpacked, and ate delicious food prepared by the staff who happen to be locals.

I can honestly say we are hot, tired, and ready to engage in a week of fun that will bring Noah’s story and purpose to life.

As I sit here typing this, the sun is setting, the birds are making tropical noises and the team is enjoying some quiet time before rest. Tom, Sharon, Telly, Emma and Lily have welcomed me to this team as one of their own. I am forever grateful for that. They are an inspiration and gift to this mission.

– Shelley


Good evening friends and family! Normally on Sunday mornings, the kitchen staff get off, but this morning they surprised us with eggs and pancakes for breakfast. We then went to church here on the mission.

Pastor Hens did a wonderful job welcoming us and making sure we knew what he was preaching on this morning. After church, we ate my favorite meal for lunch, Haitian spaghetti. For any of you who have been here and eaten that, you know what a joy it is when we see it sitting up on the counter!

After lunch, we prepped balloons and lanters for our kids camp this week! We then hung out for a little while Sharon, Abbey, Malaya and I played euchre, then shortly after, we got everyone else to join as we played Nerts. That went on for a while, and then we packed up and headed out to a small fishing village about 30 minutes out of the Mole called Karenage.

The joy and excitement from the kids as we walked into town was so contagious. We made our way to a small concrete building, and the kids and adults quickly gathered around. Mom and I blew so many bubbles, Emma colored with them, and Tom and Shelly did a rockstar job at painting everyones toenails and fingernails. The kids then asked to play hot potato, and man was that fun. They played very well by the rules and made sure that if the music stopped when you had it, you were OUT. We ended our time there by asking if we could say a prayer.

All of the kids standing around first asked if they could sing us a song and recite Psalm 23. It was so cool to see all of them, even the little ones, recite it by heart. We prayed and then started our walk back. We took a different way, which took us right near the ocean. About half way back, we stopped at an old French fort, and they let us go inside and see it. We made it back just in time for dinner…pizza!

The kitchen staff, once again, did a wonderful job making it. As I’m writing this, the rest of the team is getting set up for our Kids Camp that starts tomorrow — you can check the pictures to guess what the theme is! There’s so many fun decorations and plans for the kids. I cant wait for the week ahead of us! Love and miss you all!
Much love, Lily

Carlee Coughlin, if you are reading this, when we came in yesterday, I could tell that Presley was looking for you. You are so missed here.

Please feel free to leave comments! Comments will be read each night at dinner!


  1. Hi to my amazing sister Shelley! The photo’s help visualize what you all are seeing and doing. I am so proud of you and love you bunches! God bless you and watch over you all. Sherri

  2. Looking great, everyone! Love the updates and love seeing you minister to the people of the Mole and surrounding areas.

    Telly, Emma and Lily: all good on the home front. We went to the Ann Arbor campus for service on Sunday, swam and made Chik-fil-A sandwiches and nugs (and sauce) at home. We took Howie for a nice long walk too!

    Today (Monday), the boys are busy with their chores (I didn’t get the big board out YET!). They’re swimming – though the heat finally broke and it’s beautiful here finally. We got two really bad thunderstorms over the weekend and some nasty hail. Cars took some damage! Ugh. Burgers on the grill for dinner tonight. Then a run so I can keep up with you when you get back.

    Love and miss you all. Keep up the great work. We can’t wait to see you!


  3. I’m a long time follower, but first time commentator.

    I have seen countless short term groups host parties/activities but this is definitely one of the sharpest and most well thought out themes!

    I must ask, what was your source of inspiration as you began to prepare for this event? Do one of you work as an interior decorator? Because it takes a special type of person to create such an appealing ambiance. SO many people forget how much the small details matter.

    As a long-term follower, I remember there was another group from your same state who did not even pack streamers for their “party”. You have definitely redeemed your state.

    I can only imagine the look on those sweet kids faces as they walk into that cafeteria! I look forward to following your week and seeing the daily photos. Keep up the good work!

  4. Shelley looks like everything is coming together for the week.
    Enjoy your time in Haiti.
    Cannot wait to hear and see more from the group.
    Tell everyone hello.

  5. Glad to see things are going great. I’ll continue to pray for your group. Good job being the hands and feet of Jesus. God bless!
    P.S miss you a lot Lily and Ryan ladies!

  6. Hi Shelley! So proud! God is looking down on you with big smiles! Love seeing these photos and looking forward to more. God bless you all!
    Love you, Mom XXXOOO

  7. I love seeing the pictures and reading about your experiences! Your love for Jesus, and the kiddos at VBS, is evident in the pictures! You all rock! You are in our family’s continued prayers! Thanks for what you are doing, you are having a Kingdom impact!

  8. Thank you for sharing your Mission journey with us! How awesome we can thru the use of 21st century technology get a birds I view of your days activities! Shelley the environment you all created is so inviting and the projects and
    activities look like they already have captured the hearts of everyone of of every age and stage! God bless you all! I love it! I am grateful and proud of you all!

  9. Praise God for your team. I am praying for this week of camp and for all involved. May God keep His hand upon all of the activities and fun, and be with you all as you travel home again. Thank you for your daily posts-they are so uplifting and beautiful.

  10. Hi Shelley (aka#1)

    I miss you. I’m enjoying reading all about this journey and loving all the beautiful pictures. You truly inspire me. Can’t wait to hear about your trip when you come home. Be safe!
    Love you, Piera 😘

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