Happy New Year…2022!

Our New Year’s Eve party & New Year’s Day Pumpkin Soup giveaway  – was a great success! 🎊  🎉

The last few years, we have hosted our New Year’s Eve party downtown. We have held dance competitions, provided tables with different holiday treats, passed out hundreds of light-up jewelry/hats, and given out 1000’s of tickets for our special drawings/games.

These fun-filled nights have become one of our favorite ministries! HOWEVER, I have learned over the years, that if you do the same thing over and over – it loses that special uniqueness and appreciation.

So this year we decided to have a more intimate celebration on our campus! We still provided the decorations, light-up jewelry/hats, food, games, and special prizes….but it was much more intentional as we focused on all of the residents/kids who live on campus  – as well as –  the staff members  who come everyday & work tirelessly on our ministry’s behalf.





We started the evening off with a delicious meal! It wasn’t just the typical rice/beans and spaghetti that is usually served at parties! Nope! We wanted to bless everyone with a variety of foods they are typically reserved for only the most special of occasions. 




Every person was able to participate in at least one of our games! All of the kids, staff, & residents had their names placed in a hat. Depending on the game, anywhere from 2-6 names were drawn to participate in our random selection of games! EVERYBODY loved watching their friends play – just as much as they did participating in the games themselves. Both winners and losers were able to pick prizes off the table! EVERYBODY walked away with something before the night was through. 



Just before midnight, hats & blow-horns were given to everyone as they headed outside of the cafeteria! As the clock struck 12am, Jose set off 12 minutes worth of fireworks! Everyone screamed and cheered (and some even ran away) as he shot them off the basketball court! 



The next morning, we passed out nearly 800 bowls of pumpkin soup to the villagers of the Mole. This year, instead of using our campus as the main distribution center, we chose 4 churches from the surrounding areas instead. We delivered hot soup to those 4 churches, allowing their pastors to give away cards for those who were in the most need from their neighborhoods. 

We also delivered pumpkin soup to the villages of Karenage & Preskul. After hosting an all nighter, the Castillo family wasn’t present during the 5am soup give-away!

(Unfortunately, Momma Gigi’s pictures were very blurry and Pierre’s camera died that morning) – so we weren’t able to get pictures of all the deliveries. I wish we could share pictures of all the faces who were SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL! Pierre & Momma Gigi said that everyone was so appreciative and continually thanked God for including them in this New Year Tradition! What a blessing to start off the New Year with a full belly of delicious soup! 




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