Summer Games 2022…

Our campus-wide Summer Games began tonight! 

All of our residents met in the cafeteria this evening where they were then divided into 3 teams. Each week, the teams will compete against each other in various activities.

Points will be awarded based off who wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each week. Mikela, Malaya, and Abbey are the team captains.


Tonight, the teams began learning the ‘CUPS’ routine. We passed out cups to each player, while they watched several tutorials explaining each step. They have until next Thursday to learn it. This is a 3-part competition.

Part 1

Each person who can properly manipulate the cup without any mistakes will receive a point.  

Part 2

Team leaders will pick 5 of their best players to participate as a group. They will sit at the table and perform the routine together, passing the cups along the circle.

The 5-member team that does the most rounds before they make a mistake, will be awarded points.

Part 3

Two members of each team must come up with a 90-second CUP routine of their own. These routines will be recorded next week and uploaded online! Then it will be YOUR TURN to vote on your favorite!

Here are a few pictures & a short video from our first night!


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