School Daze and Updates….

It’s a bright, sunshine-filled day here in the Mole!

Most kids all over the world can’t wait for the weekend. For Haiti, it’s a little different since It’s such a privilege to be able to afford and attend school. The children I interact with ALWAYS tell me they can’t wait for Mondays… so they have somewhere to go and something to do.

We snapped these quick photos today, before they started their morning off. In hindsight, taking their picture while facing the sun  – might not have made for the best photos!  Sorry for the squinting!



I wanted to take a moment and apologize for not posting more frequently. Abbey has always been so diligent and consistent when making crafts & posting updates of our campus kids!

As many of you know, she completed her missionary service this past February. We are feeling her absence in every area of ministry we do. I have no doubt if Abbey were here, every child would have had a fun Easter picture posted on their profile  – and special crafts would have been mailed to all of the sponsors. (I’m a bit embarrassed that it didn’t even cross my mind to do this until after the fact)! 

As we enter into May, please pray for our kids and the school children all over Haiti –  as this month is filled with important exams.

We decided to throw the big Christmas Party in June, after the exams/finals are finished. The crates are finally here! SO the instruments and Christmas presents we’ve been anxiously awaiting –  will now be opened & throughly enjoyed at that time! This should make the summer feel EXTRA exciting… since they will start music classes for their new band AND have games/presents to play with!

Since moving to the Mole with Miss Beth in 2010 – this is the FIRST time our family is serving & living here as solo missionaries! It might not feel quite so overwhelming if we still had Malaya here!  Malaya could totally run this campus without me!  BUT without Malaya, Abbey, or Miss Beth – the “to do list” is very long and daunting!
We appreciate your patience as we try to fill the shoes of so many talented, dedicated, and amazing ladies … missionaries who have sacrificed and worked tirelessly alongside us – year after year after year!

We apologize again for not posting regularly – – especially since the ministry (overall) continues to thrive – despite the endless political turmoil and relentless spiritual attacks.

NOTE: Our silence doesn’t indicate ministry inactivity, but rather full-time engagement that allows for little time to write/share  (especially when we only have power/internet signal a few hours a day).


We also covet your continued prayers and support during these challenging times. Anyone who has served in Haiti these past 4 decades (like we have) – has never experienced this level of danger and gang violence before.

Haiti has a troubled past full of political violence and drama. BUT it usually works itself out within 3-5 months. After months of roadblocks, burning tires, and limited supplies – some type of compromise is reached. Then, just as quickly as the drama escalated  – everything dies down and life begins to resume some sort of normalcy.

We are walking into an era where everything you always knew to be true – is not necessarily true anymore. NOW the only thing you KNOW that is unchanging- – is that God is here and He has not vacated the throne.

Anything else you have always counted on to be in place before – is purely speculation and subject to forever change. It’s a reality that we have never had to walk through before.

It’s a lonely, often scary, and dark road to be on… but HIS word remains as a lamp for our feet – and a light for our path forward.


  1. You have been in my mind and heart. I am praying and am so glad to know specifics. I know you are working hard to give lots of love and care to all the people you serve there. I know you can’t see it but I am hugging you all.
    Love, Joan

  2. We continue to pray for you all and know God’s protection is over you. I was just looking at photos I have in my office today of my trip to visit you all and said a little prayer over you all

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