Farrington Group Days 4-7…


This morning we woke up to the sweet sound of a donkey and it’s friend having a very intense conversation. Soon after, we were off to breakfast. We had a familiar American favorite; cinnamon rolls!

We then went to the clinic and I counted 1000 pills of Tylenol while Sydney counted amoxicillin, Emma and Chloe, who you heard from yesterday, are becoming the ear cleaning experts, and Elizabeth took vitals.

Meanwhile, Shannon, Michael, and Kari worked on the new shelves for the new clinic. Clinic was over pretty fast today so by 11 we were playing with the orphans. We danced, the children taught us Creole, we jumped rope, and we painted nails and toy cars. It got pretty hot today so we cooled off in the ocean.

The ocean floor is my absolute favorite part of Haiti! The fish are prettier than Petco’s display and finding sand dollars is becoming a new sport. When we left the ocean it was dinner time, we had spaghetti which was the first American dinner we’ve had since we gotten here.

-Kenzi Bustamante



Today started at 6am on the beach with a trip to Ka Pa Fu fishing village. When we arrived, we played hot potato with the kids, sang some worship songs with the villagers, and had a short time of devotion. Before leaving we went from hut to hut and gave each household a bag of rice and beans and individually prayed for the family.

When we arrived back at the Mole we had lunch and then local people brought items and set up a market for us to buy souvenirs. After lunch the construction crew began working on rebuilding the Castillo pool deck. The rest of the team made Faith bracelets with the orphans and then lead them in some games and line dances.

To finish the night off the entire team hosted a movie night showing Epic with the orphans, handing out candy as a treat.

As we wind down our trip, we are remembering and missing our families back home and those that supported us.  With that said,  this experience has been amazing and we have been able to see God move in so many ways.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

See you soon!!



Today the team started their morning off in church! It’s always great to worship alongside the Haitians! There’s several things going on today.

At 1pm there’s a graduation for some of the younger orphans as well as the kids downtown. They’re holding it in the church.

At 2pm there’s a big soccer match that Haiti is very excited about. Everyone is rooting for Brazil. We have a little theater set-up near the shakoon so that everyone on campus can watch the World Cup.

At 4pm several of the youth are getting baptized! This is a really exciting celebration!

Then tonight we will have a bonfire on the beach as we close up our time here in Haiti.

We are sad to leave this place but also excited to see our friends and family.  We cannot wait to share with everyone about our amazing experience here.


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