Update From the Mole 8/3/2010

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through our trip to Haiti!  Let us catch you up on what we’ve been able to do and experience thus far…

After a day and a half of travel that ended with a plane landing on a dirt airstrip (pretty sure that was a first for ALL of us!!) on Friday, we had the chance for a brief stop-over at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission’s main campus in St. Louis du Nord.  While we were there, we had a chance to see all of the ministries that NWHCM offers to that community and to participate in some of them.  A few members of our team worked with the kids at the special needs orphanage, a few others took care of kids at the baby orphanage, and we had the chance to visit the Grand Moun – an elderly care facility.  It was amazing to see God at work in that place and to see all that He continues to do there.

From there, we left on Saturday morning for the Salines Mayette orphanage.  Once the kids at the baby orphanage are 3 years old and ready for it, they move to this campus.  We had a wonderful time talking to and playing with the kids there.  And, we got to do a VBS lesson with them on Daniel and how God is our Lord and King.  One of the most inspiring things we have learned about while here has been the group of Haitian men that take care of us every day, making sure we stay safe and translating for us.  Most of them grew up in a NWHCM orphanage and now work for them, continuing the work that God began in them through the mission!  We have all been challenged by their love and service to God.

After church and lunch on Sunday morning with the kids and surrounding community of Salines Mayette, we headed out on a truck ride to the Mole.  All of us would easily agree it’s one of THE most difficult things we have ever done…crossing rivers, enduring bumps and even a few bruises.  Let’s just say that by the end of the night, no one could sit down without making an audible sound 🙂  However, once we got here, God was good to us and we got to experience the beauty of His creation in the beaches and oceans here.  It was a refreshing gift of His lovingkindness to us all.

On Monday, we had our first formal activity with the kids.  We walked over to the church and found the kids playing in the street.  We invited them to come to VBS, but before we started, we asked them to go and find any friends they had to join us.  Before it was over, we had around 110 kids show up!  We told them about God being our protector and about how God wants us to give him our praise because He alone is our God, above all other things.  And in celebration of that, the kids made tambourines and streamers.  At the end of our VBS time, we had a parade in the street.  They sang songs and danced around, faces full of joy and celebration as they waved their instruments.  Their joy and love spilled over into each of our hearts as well…it was an incredible sight that we will not soon forget.

We are all waiting with much anticipation of all that God will do in and through us in the coming days and look forward to sharing more.

-Randi Overby
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

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  1. How was the boat ride? Can you guys sit on your bottoms yet? 🙂 That was a nice summry and I hope God continues working through you guys

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