Busy Day in St. Nicholas du Mole…

It’s been a busy day in St. Nicholas du Mole, Haiti!  There is a group of “blancs” walking around…and everywhere we go, we’ve found that children start to follow.  Here are some updates from a few of our team members on what God has allowed us to do and to see today…


Today we had approx. 70 kids for our game time.  We split into two groups with the younger ones playing relay games, sidewalk chalk, Simon Says and 4 Corners game.  The older group of boys we tried to teach how to play kickball, but we don’t think they ever really got the hang of it.  We cooled off playing a water relay game.  Everyone seemed to have a good time running around and playing.  We focused on teaching teamwork, getting along with others and finished with a time of prayer with the kids.
-Matt & Jeff

What an awesome day at VBS! We had about 165 children. We started off by singing Deep and Wide and Jesus Loves the Little Children. Taylor, Debi’s son, explained the meaning of the song Deep and Wide. Then Chip told to story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den. While he told the story the children acted out different motions for the words “Lion, King, and Daniel”. For crafts the children put stickers on and colored Burger King crowns to symbolize that God is our King. Outside the kids crabwalked and jumped over cups that represented fire and they had alot of fun! They also memorized Deuteronomy 13:4. Man, the children’s abilty to memorize God’s work in this country continues to amaze us. It comes so easy to them, probably because they do not own their own Bibles. We finished up the lesson by handing out kazoos. The children marched down the streets of the Mole while playing the “B-I-B-L-E” song. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for VBS tomorrow when we visit Carenage – a small village nearby.

-Debi & Kelsey

Today was our first encounter with the teens at the church and we felt like it went really well.  We had 45 teens show up, which was really exciting.  We started off with playing the knot game, which involved tying the teens into a giant knot, and then letting them figure out how to untangle themselves.  They seemed to get the hang of it after many false starts.  Then we sang a song, which translates “Things are already better, because Jesus sits on the throne.”  Taylor taught the story of the Exodus and talked about how that just like Moses rescued the Israelites, Jesus rescued us.  Then we broke up into groups and discussed the lesson further.  We had several who gave their hearts to Christ, many who were challenged and it gave us an opportunity to connect the Pastor with the teens.  He went from group to group and prayed with each of them.  It was great.  At the end, we gave out toiletry supplies to each teen that attended.  It was a great time of teaching and loving on the teens in the area.

-Taylor & Chip

I had a fun ride today on the back of another truck as I went to market with a couple of our new Haitian friends and Miss Beth – the Castillo’s homeschool teacher.  She’s really much more than that and has been a tremendous help to our team this week!!  She and I ventured out to the market that’s about an hour tap-tap ride from here.  While we were there, we got to see a market up close and personal and got to watch chickens being purchased that we’ll be able to deliver to a few families later this week.  It was a fun and unexpected adventure and I’m looking forward to seeing how that God will use that gift in the lives of the families that will get them in the months that will follow.

As you can see, it was a FULL day of ministry around here!  Pray for God to multiply our rest tonight as we have another full day tomorrow.  Bon journee!

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