Update From Beth Lockwood…

I think I am pretty much settled in after being here in the Mole for 10 days now . The first 6 I had the joy and priviledge of serving with a group from Missouri  – PVBC. I could not have asked for a better group to begin this new journey God has placed me on. God used them to encourage me as I was being stretched and tested out of my comfort zone. Coming alongside  them helped me to jump right into the community – meeting the children, teens and families. Something I would not have been ablt to do so quickly  by myself. Since the team has gone I have run into quite a few of the children as I walk the streets and the beach and the neighborhood I am living in. The Lord use this team in ways I’m still finding. A big thank you to PVBC for allowing God to use you in this way.

So with no team here what am I doing you might ask? I am doing what I love to do…Love on kids. The first morning I took out my frisbee and went out to play with the neighbor boys. We passed the frisbee and I tried talking with them and their family who was sitting out watching us. Then a few more kids showed up and by the time we called it finished I was playing with about 16 kids. They loved throwing the frisbee and we made a game out of it. A couple of days ago I introduced them to Ultimate Frisbee. I pulled Pierre into this one as I wasn’t sure if I could fully explain the game in my Kreyol/sign language duo. We had a great time explaining and the kids were excited too!! We played for a good 30 min. and then I aske them if they enjoyed playing. The cheers went out.

The next day I was sitting on the porch and the boys were calling up at me to play. I told them later that afternoon. We played for almost 2 hours. The funny thing is a few other kids asked if they wanted to play soccer and they said no. These kids ended up playing with us and having a great time. I may have just started a new craze…lol. Personally I think they enjoy it because it gives them something to do and they enjoy playing with me. I have to say I love it when they call up at me to play with them and then when I come out they give me hugs and vice versa. I see their eyes light up when I listen to them or when I share a teachable moment with them. These children are hungry for more than just food. I see in their eyes the hunger to be loved, the hunger for someone to listen to them, the hunger for a special touch. What a beautiful opening to share the love of Christ.

It is exciting and a joy to be able to serve the people here in the Mole and in the outlining area’s of the Northwest. To be a part of the birthing of this new campus. The need is here and just as I spoke of the children hungering for more than food…the teens…the women…the families etc. They all have a need. As I begin this journey I look forward to seeing how the Lord is going to move thru this community and I am ready to join Him in how He is going to accomplish His work. I am ready to see how He is going to use the groups that come and most of all to see hearts and lives changed for Jesus Christ.

As Jody says….”GAME ON!!!!”

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  1. As I am getting my classroom ready here in the U.S., it brings tears to my eyes to remember the wonderful sights and children that we were exposed to in The Mole. What a blessing God granted me with and I am only counting the days until I can return there to minister again. Beth, your leadership was what God wanted us to have and I am blessed to know you. Thank you for the wonderful memories of my “first encounter with the Mole.” God bless you and look forward to more blessings as you get to know everyone in The Mole. Love in Christ, Debi

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