Au Mole Had A Farm… E I E I O

When I wrote about the chicken ministry a few months ago – I never dreamed it would take off like it has. So far we’ve given 10 families each – 9 chickens/1 coop/1 rooster – to start a small business for themselves. While this has been a huge blessing – you still cannot find many eggs or chickens in the market.

So at the staff meeting we had another idea. What if we take the money we have right now and start a chicken farm. If we spent the next two months focused on the farm – perhaps what was once enough money to help 20 families – we could now help 40 or even 60 families!! 🙂 With us helping that many more families – surely the market would completely change.

One of the employee houses has a huge fenced-in yard. We’re going to Marouge next week to purchase a truck load of chickens and roosters. We will start building all the chicken coops so that when we’re ready we can still give them all away. This might be a huge nightmare! Who knows! But we’re excited about the possibility and the dozens of families that this could help.

These are just two pictures from the market where we will buy the chickens.

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