Savannah Christian Church has arrived!

Allison here…checking in for Savannah Christian Church. We’ve had such a great trip so far! God’s provision has already been proven to be such a reality. Our journey started on Thursday night as our team left Savannah. We stopped in Kingsland and had dinner at my parent’s house on the way to Jacksonville! We had a great dinner and it was fun for everyone to meet my family! We spent the night in Jacksonville and flew out early, early this morning. We went jax, to Miami, to Port au Prince, which all went incredibly smoothly. From Port au Prince we jumped (by jumped I mean we waited about 4 hours) on the smallest plane ever created and took off to head out to the Mole. It was a crazy, bumpy, scary, beautiful ride. We landed on the skinniest dirt road that seemed to appear at the last possible moment. It was a wild moment bumping and shaking down that dirt road surrounded by gorgeous blue Caribbean water.

We were completely struck by the BEAUTY of where we found ourselves. I’ve been to Haiti before and this is a COMPLETELY different place. Beautiful palm trees and warm breeze made us feel like we’d landed in some paradise somewhere! This town feels so different from the main mission. It definitely has the beach town vibe and we are already enjoying it so much. The people are amazing! So friendly and seem genuinely excited that we are here!  We are staying in a hotel here in the Mole…it’s definitely a lot nicer than we’d all imagined! Decent occasional running water, electricity at night, beds, and a roof over our heads. It’s a lot more than most have here in Haiti so we are grateful.

We appreciate your prayers for our team. If you’re looking for specific things here are some thoughts:
– our teams safety/health
– the vbs with Lesha running point
– Steven and his sports camps
– the medical clinic
– and i’m speaking twice at a women’s conference

We are grateful to be here, we are humbled that God has called us here, and we are excited about watching HIM show up and do something so big only He could be responsible!  We love you guys!

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