We Need Our Prayer Warriors This Week…

The reason we set this blog up was to share the ups and downs of starting a new campus plant. I want to share things in real time so you feel apart of our community and better yet – know how to pray for us.

Today was the last Sunday for our Mole Church Pastor. I will not get into the details of his dismissal but simply say there is much needed healing to take place.

Next Sunday we will have the Mole’s first women’s convention. We have been praying about this for months. I know that the convention is of His timing.

I need for you to immerse the Mole in prayer. Pastor Jean Claude (who is responsible for all the mission pastors) will be coming this week to hold a very important church meeting. Please pray for this meeting. Pray specifically for understanding, peace, and healing. Pray also for the new Pastor coming this week.

Our women’s conference will be 3 days and 4 nights. There will be 12 daytime sessions and one large service each night. Please pray for our speakers – that God will give them the message they are to share. Pray that the hearts of the people will be open to receiving the Word during this time.

Ok prayer warriors…we are counting on you this week.


  1. I am so sad to hear about Pastor Jean Claude. But one thing we know is that God is in control. I will continue to pray that God will heal all their hearts who are in trobule and bring them back on track.

    God Bless You All

  2. It is also a little heavy on my heart to hear about the pastor but I also know that God wants to move in the Mole!! I have been in prayer as to what to speak to the church. I am at peace with what He has laid on my heart and look forward to sharing The Love!!
    PS Still would like to know if I should bring some tools.

    1. Thanks Steve. It’s really been a hard few weeks but this week especially. Tomorrow Jean Claude will hold the meeting with the church. Please keep tomorrow in your prayers.

      You’ll be the first sermon since everything – I know God will give you the words.

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