Steve and Leigh Here To Blog…

Yes, day 4007 brought more excitement. The team split for the first time – half to keep the medical clinic going, the rest to get goats and chickens.  These poor guys went on an hour trip was actually 2 1/2 very rough, bumpy, and hot hours on the back of a truck.  Then add goats and chickens to the trip back.  Heidi bragged about the Haitian popsicles and meeting the people.

The medical clinic had more serious cases to see, long hot day with not enough translators.  The highlight was at the end with a Haitian mom and her infant whose temperature was still high 103.  Steve and Brooke got to pray with her and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

More good news, Steve finally through several meetings with town officials and construction planners, was able to get well started for a nearby village that has little water.  It was hard to get this going but construction starts in the morning and this is from the proceeds from Tri the Farm.

At this village we had a vacation bible school that went really well, with singing, reading, bubbles, frisbees, and jump ropes.  It was so great to see the kids’ laughter and smiles.

The children wrote letters to God yesterday at another VBS – there were over 228 of them! Very Precious.

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