Last Day Of Women’s Conference…

Today marked the end of the Women’s Conference here at the Mole.  The last 3 days have been filled with many uplifting moments.

The sessions during the days were taught by Americans and Haitians.  It is fun to watch the difference in the way each teaches, in ways that represent their own culture, but the same message is given…God is Love.  We might come from two totally different places, but we serve the same Savior.  I think that is very cool.

There has been a gradual build up to today.  Sunday evening kicked off the beginning of the week with some singing and also with a few speakers.  Monday began our daily sessions followed by another evening of preaching and singing.  Tuesday was the same.

But today was a different story.  Today, I experienced things that I didn’t believe to be real until I saw it with my own eyes this morning.

Early this morning, before the teaching began, we noticed a young women who had come to the  session.  She looked at little out of it, her legs shaking, not speaking, just kind of dazed.  Diana Owen had mentioned to me that she looked demon possessed.

I didn’t really think much about it, until after I had spoken and Pastor Jean Claude had finished his teaching.  This girl jumped up and attacked the Pastor right there in front of everyone.

She had a look, that I can’t even put into words.  I have never seen anything like it.  She continued to fight, and the Pastor and several others were restraining her.  I was told she was demon possessed.  She was not having seizures, she was possessed.  For 20 minutes, the group of 200, prayed for her, telling the demon to come out in the name of Jesus.  I have been to Haiti 4 times now, and had heard about this very thing…that voodoo is real.  I didn’t believe it until today.

After all that, we had 8 women come to Christ today, and a total of 18 this week.  And after the session in the afternoon, the ladies were baptized and are now my sisters in Christ.

But here is the best part of the day...this evening, was the final night of revival.  There was a packed house…maybe 500 or more people, praising God!  Singing, dancing, even a little skit.  The old and the young, giving it up to Jesus.

But there was one very special young lady.  The lady that just a few hours before, was possessed by an evil one, so evil that she was out of her mind.  But know, that evil spirit is gone and she is filled with the Holy Spirit.  She sang a solo, one of Gods Love.

What a week here at the Mole.  A week of new and exciting changes for many who live here, and for a girl from Kentucky.

Go God!!!

Diane Cornelius

**The girl in the green bandana sitting down was a picture from this morning. Her mom accepted Christ and was baptized this afternoon. Then you see her singing – still in the green bandana – later  tonight.

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  1. Love reading your posts! The Lord is truly working through his people!! Bless you all as you carry on His work!

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