Angels Rejoicing


What an exciting day God had in store for us today!  The team was honored to visit a nearby village by boat, Ca ba fu.  We were accompanied by our incredible translators and armed with a bin of kid-friendly goodies. Many moments from our day will remain etched in my memories and on my heart.  Ma’am Soleny greeted us with her usual smile; our boat captain carried us safely to the village in rough seas.

One of the most amazing experiences of today was being invited to sit with one of the older women of the village.  She had a ready smile and seemed truly thankful that we returned to the village to spend time sharing the Good News. Another  memory I will cherish was watching Grant speak to the people about the love of Jesus Christ.  It is very humbling to see people who, by American standards, have nothing; yet they are so full of joy. They live in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, but they do not have a water source and must walk several hours to obtain it or bring it in by boat. Most of them fish for a living and make nets.  What a difference we could make by simply assisting with a safe water supply. How God’s love would be demonstrated!

The men of the village helped us safely depart from the shore and we embarked on an exciting trip back to The Mole.  Much of the team took a group of children to the beach in the afternoon.

Our evening devotion was led by Abby and took place on the beach.  She shared with us from her heart and then shared a surprise!  A baptism on the beach!  I will hold off on the details for now… but needless to say: Angels were rejoicing!

As we wind down our trip, I am not ready to leave.  I am so awed by those who serve here! From the beautiful ladies who cook for us, to our translators who are so passionate about Jesus Christ, to the Castillo family and Grant… I am reminded that Our Heavenly Father doesn’t care what job we are doing… He only cares that we serve others and do so in the name of Jesus!

Bon swa! Jezi reme ou!

Patti Emfinger

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