Wednesdays With Jocelyn – Session 1

This is our first Creole Class! Jocelyn was a little nervous! Each Wednesday, Jocelyn will teach a class. Sometimes it takes a day to upload the video though! We encourage you to make flash cards. This week’s lesson is very basic. We will build up our vocabulary each week. Enjoy!

Today you will be learning:

Konesans – Acquaintance
Bonjou! – Good Morning
Bonswa!- Good Evening
Koman ou ye? – How are you?
Mwen byen.  – I’m fine.
E ou menm – And you?
Koman ou rele? – What is your name?
Mwen rele….Jocelyn – My name is Jocelyn.
Ki laj ou?  – How old are you?
Mwen gen 25 ans.  – I’m 25 years old.
Ki kote ou habite? – Where do you live?
Mwen habite ozetazini – I live in the United States.


  1. I love it! Tell Jocelyn and Pierre they did a great job and I miss them a lot! I will work on my flashcards tonight and be ready for next week’s lesson. What a great idea 🙂

  2. I love this!!!!! Great job Jocelyn!! I will look forward to my lessons each week so when I go back to Haiti next year I can communicate better!!

  3. Hi Jocelyn and Pierre
    Thanks so much for the Creole lesson. Pierre, it was great to see you on the video. How I miss Haiti and I can hardly wait to come back. I was part of the Canada team that came to NWHCM back in May of this year. I hope to return to Haiti with my family in August, 2011 and I would love to come to see you in de Mole. Until then we will faithfully study creole each week with you!
    Sister in Christ,
    Elaine Peters

  4. Wait – I know that student! He does not belong there.
    Great job guys and Leigh and I miss you and really want to be back there! Sorry I did not get to say good bye as I jumped on the luggage truck and did not realize that I would not get to say bye for now.
    We will keep watching and learn more Creole!
    How is the cistren going?

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