First Week Of October…

It’s been 4 months now since the mission bought property in the Mole! Who could have imagined all the changes that would come to this little town!

Ladies Bible Study:

Please be in prayer for our Ladies’ Bible Study this week. The Castillos are in the states going to the Catalyst Conference. Beth will be taking the lead this week – speaking about the Fruits of the Spirit! Last week the women were challenged to bring their friends and to be ready to open up their hearts for discussion and growth.

Church Service:

Our church went from a dozen people to 100! God sure has poured His blessings down on His people! The new pastor has done an amazing job the last two Sundays. Today he announced that the church would be voting on a treasurer, secretary, and church counselor.

When it comes to the offering the Pastor says, “I’m a Pastor of people – not of money. I do not want to be responsible for the offering. That’s the treasurer’s job”. The last Pastor did not have a committee but self-governed everything. This Pastor’s approach has done much for the hearts of our people! They are beginning to trust again.

He has added 2  – 4am prayer services each week! Now you would think that very few people would get up at 4am to go to church! Not the case in Haiti. If you would like to pray with our beautiful Mole people – our prayer services are Tuesdays and Fridays!! See you at dawn!


This week we will begin taking loads of gravel, sand, and rock to the new property in preparation for next week! On October 14th we have a team of builders coming to start our first orphanage home! We are super-excited! We will start posting pictures of the whole process next week.

We are nearly finished with our first community project! The Savannah team partnered with Karanage (the little mud village) to build a cistern for them to get water. Water is something we take for granted! What a blessing for this little town!


Thanks again for your prayers for this new mission plant!


  1. Very encouraging to hear about this new pastor! Sounds like he is coming in and starting on the right foot. He is hooring God and the church through his proper organization.
    Please keep us updated on the progress of the cistern. It would be greatly benificial if you guys had time to take some pictures.
    Also wondering if you got my email? Would like to bring a team and already having individuals verbaly signing up.
    Steve White

  2. Pastor is a huge encouragement to this town!

    I’m in the states this week but will definitely take pictures when I get back. I did NOT get your email about bringing in a team. Try me again at

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