Today was an exciting day! The Northside Team from VA broke ground on the property! After 4 long months – we are finally “seeing” something! We are in the beginning stages of building our orphanage complex! This little town is all a-buzz about the construction taking place! We had many Haitians working alongside the Americans! What a beautiful team we make! Thinking about all the little feet that will be walking on this same land – how can you not get chills!

This is such an exciting thing for the people here! You can see the hope of what’s to come in their eyes……ours too!


mole_site plan


  1. Steve here from the previous mission team.
    It is so great to see the ground being cleared! God is on the move in the Mole! Reflecting on how much the Mole impacted our lives while we were there, I’m excited for what he has in store for you!

  2. Some of you are replying to pictures instead of the blog entry itself – so if you don’t see your comment – it’s just because you have to click on a picture to see the response!

    Northside has been very encouraging to all of us. It’s very hot outside and yet they continue to dig on! VERY INSPIRING!

  3. God bless all of you for your loving kindness hard work and sacrifices volunteering and all to participate in the CHANGE & PROGRESS to humanity.
    I want to especially give a shout out to my wonderful niece Christine Bosch for getting involved in this as well, Yesterday a baby that we all loved and spoiled TODAY a grown loving caring giving woman 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU’

  4. It was great to see the team in action, but for me I was especially humbled to see my little girl Christine doing God’s work, I hope to someday be able to do it myself. Glad to hear that everyone is safe and we are eager to hear your testimonies. Christine you are missed and loved and your dog is moping around the house. 🙂 …Love ya and God bless. Enjoy the experience

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