Too tired to blog last night, so here’s 2 days from Becky’s perspective :-)

We’ve arrived safely and after a good night’s sleep and an EARLY awakening by our rooster’s call and response techniques, we’re winding down after dinner and dessert, day 2. I’m anxious to talk about the many things we’ve already accomplished and the many friends we’ve already made, but I’d disappoint the rest of the group if I didn’t speak, at least, briefly about our landing from Port Au Prince to the Mole. The landing was the most exciting in my life. We couldn’t find the ‘landing strip’ so I personally decided that it would be best if I didn’t look harder and I wouldn’t get scared. We landed on the most awesome, gravel like road. Our pilot is a seasoned veteran. Many praises to God for our fun filled and safe travels.

After successfully unloading and unpacking our wheelbarrows, shovels, picks, axes, gloves, and personal belongings, we decided that since it was too late to begin work, we’d hit the beach and man was it breath taking! The water felt absolutely wonderful and the sand was so incredibly soft. It’s really a little paradise. Although many people see and think of Haiti as something other than such, God’s creation is beautiful no matter where you are. Haiti is no exception.

After the beach, we cleaned up and came to the Castillo’s home for dinner. The meals are deliciously prepared by the locals and we’ve greatly enjoyed it all. I’ve personally been surprised by the Caribbean/Spanish influence here. The kids attend school Monday through Friday and learn Creole/French, English, and Spanish there. It’s been a lifesaver to have my Puerto Rican roots! The people are very friendly and always smiling.

Our hotels are very quaint but are taken care of. The interpreters are extremely helpful and friendly. The travel with us everywhere and we’ve greatly enjoyed picking their brains. The Lord is very present in the ministry here and it’s evident that His Spirit lives in many of the local hearts.

Today was the ‘ceremonial groundbreaking’  of the orphanage site and man was it amazing! The sweat and scrapes paled in comparison to the work that we knew we were beginning. We began with machetes as we cleared the fences and brush. This was tough work, but shortly began digging the perimeter of the pour trenches where the foundation will be laid. It was extremely rewarding to see the Haitian people working so closely with the missionaries. Tomorrow the girls are heading across the river, by boat, to the fisherman’s village to help with some children’s activities. The men in the group will continue digging on site. We will enjoy a beach visit everyday, which serves a few purposes: First, to simply keep sanity and enjoy the friends we meet on the beach, and second, to cool off after a VERY sweaty day’s work.

Continue to pray for the Northside mission team. Prayer for our safety and prayers for the work that we’re doing. I know I speak for the entire group when I say that all of our lives are being touched and changed through our service to the Lord and His beautiful people in Haiti.

The entire team is safe and in good health. Hello and love to our families, whom we all miss. Thank you for the support that you’ve offered in this great opportunity to serve.

In His Service,


P.S.~ All of the girls’ hair is in braids, so we’re pretty much stylin’!


  1. It was great to see the team in action, but for me I was especially humbled to see my little girl Christine doing God’s work, I hope to someday be able to do it myself. Glad to hear that everyone is safe and we are eager to hear your testimonies. Christine you are missed and loved and your dog is moping around the house. :-)…Love ya and God bless. Enjoy the experience.

  2. Becky and the team,
    I am so blessed and encouraged to see my brothers and sisters in Christ giving everything for the people of Haiti and for the Gospel of Christ. You are all in my prayers. Becky, I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences and how God has impacted and transformed your life through them!

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