Jesus Bring The Rain…Monday, 18 Oct 2010…

Well, with the day off yesterday, everyone has had a chance to recharge their batteries. This was obvious when we were all up by 5 AM and ready to go about 45 minutes early. It’s a good thing too because today turned out to be the hottest and most humid day of the trip so far.
After breakfast and devotions, we set out for the site, again about 45 minutes earlier than normal. The Haitian workers must have gotten some good rest too because they were already working when we arrived (maybe we just start later than they do). We’re making terrific progress. The foundation trench is nearly complete. We spent the morning tackling the toughest areas, the palm tree stump that had to be removed and trenching around a large palm tree. We also made great progress digging some of the 24 column foundations that need to be 3 feet deep. The rest of the foundation is 18-24″ deep.
I must say, many discoveries have been made during our digging. We’ve found 2 tarantulas and a group of bones that we can’t identify from what species. We’re sticking with the story that they are cow bones, but we are building right next to the cemetery.
After lunch we headed out again, but after a couple of hours of trenching, God said “REST”, and the sky opened and the rains came, and came, and came. Thankfully we had the foresight to put up a tarp this morning to protect us from the afternoon sun, but instead found ourselves using it for shelter from the rain. To no avail though, we got soaked, but it felt great. After about 30 minutes it let up a little to let us walk back to the hotel and wring ourselves out.
Tomorrow is another day, and we look forward to finishing the trench and hopefully placing the rebar in anticipation of laying the concrete.
By the way, no beach today…maybe tomorrow…it sure does help lower the body temperature after sweating for 7 hours. It might sound like pleasure, and it is, but it helps us cool off at the end of the day…it’s hot here!

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  1. Sorry all, forgot to mention that Joe wrote this. What a trip so far! Leavibg the Mole tomorrow as well as some new friends. I’d love to come back.

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