Be Still And Know That I Am God…

I cannot believe it’s already Tuesday night! Time has really flown by. We all have a routine we follow pretty strictly. It’s hard not to get too comfortable- wake up, devotion, breakfast, work – work- work! lunch, work- work-work, maybe beach, dinner, devotion, BED! and repeat. Boy what a life 😉 But it definitely is rewarding to see our hard work pay off despite minor setbacks like today.

Let me tell you about our day today. We woke up pretty early. I actually woke up on my own today before 6 am! My parents would be proud. And I headed off to breakfast. I led devotions this morning so I guess I’ve been in the “hot seat” twice today. After breakfast we walked out to the site to find that the rain yesterday, while bringing a temporary relief, also brought more work! The dirt, now mud, had slid down into the trenches adding on about two more inches which means about half an hour more of digging. We got right to it and took advantage of clouds that provided us with a little shade. That was about 8 am.

Around 9:30 we were all told to stop digging. Our fearless leader Joe, tried to work out the interpretation with the Haitian foreman and came back to tell the group the bad news. We dug the entire far trench 8 feet too far! After much discussion and confusion the team decided to head back to the house and let them straighten it out. When we got confirmation of the new plan, we made our way back to the site and found that much of the digging had already been started. Man I tell you, those workers do a mighty fine job! So we got right back into gear and began helping. They were able to place the rebar for the columns in place and get them cemented down. The entire team felt relieved that we were able to push through and overcome what seemed to be a mountain of obstacles.

The heat has not let up one bit although the rain yesterday did manage to drop the temperature a little. Nevertheless, it’s still been hot, hot, hot! And I’ve actually experienced my very first sunburn ever! So much for those hispanic roots, huh? The whole team has been licked by the sun, just in time for Fall back home. I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to cool weather when we return! Overall, the days seem to get a little bit easier and it looks like we’ve seen the end of our digging days. We are all excited to see how God will continue to use us in these next few days. God bless!


  1. Christine,
    Setbacks are God’s way of telling us that HE is still in control. Like you mentioned…for you.. it might have seemed to be a setback but to God it is ‘nothing but a thing’ so the title of your blog is appropriate. We are VERY proud of the work you are doing out there and excited about the work God is doing in your life. Keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see you back home and hear all about the entire trip. We love you dearly my girl.

    Fasha (A.K.A. dad)

  2. Christine We are so proud of you and are in awe with what God is doing in your life. Your title is so appropriate with what is going on your life. Know that He is always in Control and knows all the details and has the perfect plan. We have been enjoying reading everyone’s blog and looking at the pictures. We miss you dearly can’t wait to hear all about the wonderful things that God has shown all of you. I know your life has changed. I see it in your eyes and in your smile. You found your heart in God’s dwelling place. <3 love you Mom

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