Larry’s Day To Blog…

Each day is unique in that you never quite know what is going to occur. Every day is a new experience. This morning our foreman (Elisha) started us with a prayer circle and singing. Our team could not fully understand what was said because we don’t speak Creole. However it was obvious to everyone the spirit and love of the Lord that was being displayed. I could tell you of the many construction jobs that we got done how we carried concrete in 5 lb buckets/ rock to fill trenches/ and digging trenches/ but I would rather focus on the spiritual work that took place. The Haitians and our team worked hand in hand. We drew strength from one another. We all were doing what we could to get the orphanage well on its way. As we come to the end of our service here please keep our team in prayer that our witness for the Lord will remain strong. Pray that through the upset stomaches/ tiredness/ and fatigue sets in pray that our eyes will remain on Jesus and that we will honor Him in everything that we do and say. I HS< Larry the Lamb

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