Voodoo Service In The Mole…

It’s after 1AM and I cannot sleep! Why? Because there are around 200 people dancing and beating drums two houses down. I haven’t heard a service this loud in years!

When I was 9, my dad took me to a service so I could see what it was about. I remember it vividly. Since moving here in June – we haven’t heard the drums beat yet. Now it’s right outside our door. Malaya was afraid but we distracted  her with a Cinderella DVD. There are hundreds of other children who don’t have the luxury of being distracted tonight. No. They’re cuddled up with their mom or dad right now – frightened.

The girls fell asleep so Jose and I went on top of our roof. We’ve been up here for about 2 hours now. In fact – that is where I’m writing you from right now. Technology.

We believe the reason they’re doing it on our street is because of us. Looking down below we could see some outside our house steps – probably cursing it. That’s one thing that doesn’t scare me. My family (including my parents) have been cursed more times than we can count!! Although I do have 7 children – so maybe one of them worked!

I’ve never been afraid here in Haiti. Even tonight as I type on top of my house and the evilness is so readily felt – I’m not afraid. I’m just extremely sad and disappointed. Oddly enough the “light” from my laptop is literally the light in the middle of darkness.  Jose and I have been praying up here for over the last hour – praying for His light to be seen in this town.

I took a 3 minute video below when we first got out here. You can’t see anything because Jose didn’t want me shining the video camera right at the people and drawing attention to ourselves. But you can hear the drums and the chanting. They’re dancing – arms flailing in the air! We can’t see them all. Some are dressed in blue and red –  but those dressed in white really stand out. The men have white baseball caps on and the women’s heads are covered in white. There is one small fire in the street and then many smaller lamps around their house. There’s probably 4 drummers and several maracas.

Bena was in Port-de-Paix today. He came on the tap-tap. He left at 3pm and they had truck problems. He was dropped off outside of our house around 11pm. He was telling us that they were going to be doing sacrifices on our street – but we haven’t seen anything yet. Although it’s not the best light to see anyways. He wasted no time heading to his house. I wanted to go sit on the front steps of our house but Bena and Jocelyn thought it wasn’t a good idea. So I’m sitting on top of my house instead. Will be spending the night in prayer……


  1. Jody and Jose,
    Our team is gathered together tonight and are looking at each others pictures of our time at the Mole and want you to know that you, your family, and the people of the Mole are in our prayers and are confident that God is with you and protecting you. Please let us know what the day was like today after the activities of the night.
    When you have time, please take some pictures of the site and fill us in on the progress that’s been made. Let us know if there is anything else you need that we could send.
    We want you to know again that you have blessed us with your steadfast devotion to the Haitian people and it was a great joy hearing of the baptisms and decisions to follow Christ. It’s just the beginning…
    Please tell the workers that we’ll never forget them and the impressions they left on us. Again, we were truly blessed.

    Say hi to everyone for us!!

    The Northside Construction Crew

  2. Jody you have the best protector in the world. He will spread his arms around and keep you all safe. But you are in our prayers as well as the people that are hearing what is happening.

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