Update On Voodoo In The Mole..

I want to thank you all for your prayers! Many of you have asked for a little more information about what exactly is happening here! So here you go….

In general –  November 1st/2nd is a Voodoo Holiday. So we knew to expect a lot going on starting tomorrow. But they started two days ago – and it’s still going on. In Haiti – drums (that you beat with your hands not sticks) are apart of every voodoo service. The neat thing now is that many churches are using drum sets! So not every beat you hear is an evil one!

The people are holding the service two houses down. I can look out my window and almost see everything that happens in the street. We have an eating area outside  – on top of our neighbor’s house –  and that’s where we sat last night. There’s not a lot going on here – so we can sit in our house with the heat or go outside and learn more about what happens at these things.

There are more stars out than you can count or even imagine. So we take in the wonder of who our God is – while at the same time  – we pray that the others down below would see how Big HE is too!

We know we are safe. That’s not even a question or thought in my mind.  It’s just hard to explain to the girls why there is blood everywhere or why they chant and beat the drums all night long.

The people are very friendly to us. Momma Gigi and I went yesterday and sat with them a good while. There was a girl in that house that had been sick. But the doctors can’t help her. So they’re calling upon the “spirits” to enter in this home and save this girl. Now the girl isn’t actually there. As a nurse I thought I could at least just check her out. But none of the people who actually live in that home are there. It’s extended family who’s called for all this to happen. They’re offering some free food there too for those that participate. This is why there are over 200 people coming and going constantly.

Imagine living in a quiet little town on a quiet little street. You walk by every day and say Bonjour to all your neighbors with a grin and a wink! And now right in front of your home there are cows being slaughtered and their intestines hanging from a tree! Imagine chickens are missing heads and goats that you heard the night before are all now silent. Now imagine a block party – constant noise/singing/music – and people are calling upon evil spirits to enter into this town.

That’s basically been the scene here the last few days. Now they wave at us when we walk by. They’re not hateful toward us. They told me my twins were beautiful! They offered me their own chair to sit in. They told me I could come anytime I want as long as I didn’t bring my camera!

Now all that to be said – we did learn that some cursed our steps last night and begged for satan to come into home! One curse was that we would be blinded and give all our money to whoever asks for it. Like a trance of some sort. That’s how it was explained to me anyways. That’s never fun! But hey – we know who we worship and we know greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

We talked to our neighbors and they did tell us this is the first time it’s been done on our street. We don’t know if it’s because of the sick girl or because of us – but either way – they told me that God seals their ears at night. They sleep right through it. Now that’s an almighty God!!


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