Ministry Is Still Alive and Well…

First of all we want to thank you for your prayers! Hurricane Tomas is scheduled to hit tonight. It has already rained some here in the Mole and the sky is definitely speaking to us! But we know the God more powerful than satan and we know the God more powerful than the storm! We cling to Him during times of trouble!

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to all the Staff. You’ll see listed on top of the website the Mole Staff/Missionaries who are here serving in the name of Jesus! Please pray for them by name!

Every Tuesday the church takes to the streets and evangelizes. Last Tuesday  – 17 people accepted Christ. This Tuesday – 10 people accepted Christ! Once they choose to accept Him, the Pastor meets with them and counsels them from Wednesday-Friday. He wants to make sure they understand what they’re committing to! Then they’re baptized on Saturday!

I can’t tell you how exciting it is right now to be ministering in the Mole!

Our church schedule is:
Monday – Women’s Bible Study
Tuesday – 4am Prayer Service, 3pm Evangelizing, Men’s Bible Study
Wednesday – General Bible Study
Thursday – 4am Prayer Service, Men/Women’s Choir
Friday – Community Day, 6p-8pm Prayer Service
Saturday – Children’s service in the morning, Children’s choir practice at 2pm, 8am-2pm Prayer/Fasting
Sunday – Church, Youth Group, Evening Service

There’s something going on every day and the church is packed out at nearly every event!! To God Be The Glory!

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