The Penskul Village…

For those of you who’ve been to the Mole – across the peninsula  – there’s a little lighthouse. This is where we drove today! It’s about an hour by truck or 30 minutes by boat. This poor little village is home to roughly 300 villagers. They have to come by boat to the Mole to get water for their town. When it’s windy  – they go days without water. They said it’s a 3 hour walk to the Mole.

They also lost most of their boats during the hurricane. Their livelihood is fishing. They told us they are hidden in plain sight. No one has ever reached out a hand to them.

Pierre explained to the leaders there who we are – and that we WILL be back! He said they didn’t really believe him. I have a few pictures of this little village below. You will see that the lighthouse isn’t really a lighthouse. It was built in 1953. There’s also part of a plane there. About 15 years ago – a guy flying by himself crashed there. They said he survived.

This will be another new community we can reach out to!

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