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As I have written in the previous posts – we have found several new fishing villages. Besides the two I recently wrote about – there are houses scattered here and there all along the coast.

The pastor and I talked at length about the potential ministry for these new locations. They do not have a church in Ka Pa Fu, Karenage, Penskul, & Sarapel. They do not know a lot about Jesus. They have heard of Him – but they have no one to disciple them. Most do not have a personal relationship with Him.

The Pastor would like to form a committee that weekly goes to these locations to disciple the villagers. Renting a boat every time we go costs us 100 USD. It is not cost effective for us to rent a boat 3 times a week to minister to these villagers. We just don’t have the funds for it.

We have found a motor boat that will hold 15 people for $7000.00. I realize that’s a lot of money. But the potential for ministry is even bigger. Not only can we go to them – but we can bring them to us!

In the states you have a Shuttle Van. Well this would also serve as a Shuttle Boat! We can bring the folks from these villages to church on Sundays. When we offer something special for the youth – we can bring their youth to our village to participate! The ways we can use this boat for ministry are endless!

Below are a few pictures of the yellow boat we want to buy.

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I do not want this blog to become about asking for money all the time. That’s not it’s intention. The Pastor is very concerned for these new zones. If we weren’t talking about the salvation of hundreds of villagers I wouldn’t even ask…..

If you would like to be apart of our Boat Ministry –

1) By Mail –

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
7271 South Mayflower Park
Zionsville In 46077
**Include a note saying – Castillo Benevolence/Mole Boat Ministry

2) Or Online – You can pay by credit card. Please include in the notes section – Castillo Benevolence/Mole Boat Ministry.


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