Ka Pa Fu Receives A Zoo…

We will be delivering the final 2 boats for this village later this week! But the village didn’t lose just its boats from the hurricane. They lost all of their animals too! Today we were able to not only replace what they lost but give them many more that they can breed and eat!

The Pastor, Bena, Attilien, and Pierre spent all day yesterday gathering the 50 chickens, 5 Roosters,  11 goats, and 1 donkey! The donkey couldn’t ride in the back of the truck. So Attilien rode it from Jean Rebel to the Mole. He got in at midnight! It took him 5 hours!

We loaded up the goats and chickens in the boat today. We couldn’t put the donkey in the boat! So that hasn’t been delivered yet.

It’s hard for the people there to understand. Before we found them in September they suffered incredibly. Now we’re restoring their livelihood! We’re showing up on the biggest day of the year offering them soup! We’re here at random – bringing more animals than they lost! One of the most grateful villages I’ve ever come in contact with – it’s such an honor to be the hands, feet, and face of Jesus to them!

Here are the pictures!

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