Preskul and Charcoal…

Hello from the Mole!

We had a fabulous day and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share it with you!

Our morning started with a 20 minute boat ride to the village of Preskul.  This village was just discovered by our friends at the mission just a couple of weeks ago.  Our translators helped gather everyone (kids and adults) under a shade tree for our VBS.  We started with a couple of songs led by our translators.  The villagers knew the songs and had a blast singing along!  Then Barb did a story using Tap-Tap her home-made puppet.  After that we divided into two groups and had one group go to a different area and play soccer while the other group stayed in the shade to make the cross necklaces.  After that, we took a little break and handed out chewy granola bars to everyone.  Then we switched the soccer & necklace groups.

Before we left, we gave them some gifts we brought: pencils, matchbox cars, and stickers.  It was really neat to see all ages really engaged in everything we were doing.  I think they were very happy that we came to visit them and just spend time with them.  Right now we are enjoying fresh fish for dinner that we actually brought back with us from Preskul and it is delicious!

In the afternoon, we went to see how charcoal is made.  We even got to help gather wood and add it to the pile.  The guys had to rearrange everything we did but at least we helped carry it!  Since it was afternoon before we got finished piling, they did not light the fire yet.  Maybe we’ll get to see that tomorrow!

In the afternoon, we explored more of the Mole.  It’s really a beautiful place!  The people are very friendly and of course curious about us.

Thanks to all of you back home who helped supply the things we brought and also thanks for your continued prayer support!


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