Bonswa (Good Evening)

This is Dave (Guest Blogger for tonight)

Hello to all from the sun and fun in Haiti.  We arrived in Port Au Prince this morning on time without incident; we were met by the guides from Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and made our way to Tortuga air to await our flight to the Mole.

I know no one in KC wants to hear it but it is HOT HOT HOT (CHO CHO CHO) here and very beautiful!

We were lucky enough to be the only folks on the flight up to the Mole.  It was a beautiful site as we coasted along the western coast of Haiti.  It was clear to see some of the devastation in Port Au Prince from the air and we will see more I’m sure as we venture there back Thursday.  We arrived in the Mole without incident and landed safely on a dirt road.  Again we were met with Jose Castillo and folks from Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and they escorted us via bus to the Mole.

We checked into the hotel and made it to the home of Jody and Jose Castillo for a great lunch of rice and beans served by their wonderful help.  We spent time walking around the Mole today meeting many kids, seeing the land they are working on for the orphanage seeing the beach, meeting the pastor, touring the Church, and back to the hotel to get ready for our soccer camps and VBS tomorrow.  After we finished up preparing we saw many darling faces standing outside the gates of the hotel wanting some love.  We grabbed some soccer balls and were quickly schooled by a crowd of barefoot, flip flop wearing kids, with big smiles and a love for soccer and some attention.  Barb spent time painting the girls fingers and toes and showing her love for each of them.

We are now back at Jody and Jose’s home for dinner.

Tomorrow we leave on a boat in the morning to a remote island for VBS and soccer camp.  We are anxious to get started and continue to explore the area.

So those are the facts, here are the feelings.  In the short time we have been here it is great to see how many things are universal…a smile, a laugh, hunger for attention, love of a little organized sport, Michael Jackson (4 boys started following us out to a fort, to the ocean, and back. As we were walking back one boy passed listening to Celine Deon on his small audio player and I played a little Michael Jackson beat it for them).  They knew who he was, liked the song and knew that he had died.  Barb was with me and used it as a teachable moment to ask if they knew where you went when you die and used the time to share the truth of the gospel with them.   The kids seem to love having their picture taken and seeing it in the back of the camera.  They are first shy then they can’t stay away.  It has been an incredible first day with everyone welcoming us with open arms.  Being pretty much “unplugged” is a new/good experience , while it does appear we are the only ones without cell phones in their hands!  It is a big and small world at the same time.

Well I will close for now, but look forward to sharing more each night. Look for updates from other travelers as we continue our mission.

In his care,

Dave Caldwell

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