Fourteen Accept Christ Today…

Today was another beautiful day. God is good. The day began with a wonderful church service. Stephen had the great pleasure of preaching to the local congregation. He did a great job expressing the message of the gospel. We truly enjoyed worshipping side by side with the Haitian people. 14 people accepted Christ today and will be baptized later this week!

After church, Amy, Paul, Barb, and Stephen helped work with the youth at the church. Stephen was grilled over his biblical knowledge and left in a heavy sweat. During this time Jason, Dave, and Gayla went on a three hour cruise. The local fishermen were gracious enough to allow the three to experience fishing in Haiti. After catching three enormously small fish, the group headed back to shore.

The team reunited and then decided to walk the streets of Mole. We loved the herds of excited and smiling children and adults who greeted us everywhere we went. Mardi Gras has also started and so we have crazy chicken men running the streets. Until tomorrow God bless!

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