Another Busy Day Serving In The Mole…

Today was very busy for us here in the Mole.  Stephen and Paul got up early this morning to help deliver a boat to Ka Pa Fu.  They had to come back by foot, an hour and a half journey.  The rest of us began construction work at 9am.  We worked with the construction crew building the foundation for the future orphanage.  Our job was to help carry stones to several masons so they could stack them and build the wall.  There are great plans here for what the mission wants to build.  Barb and Dave helped build a chicken coop while the rest of us were carrying stones.  The coop will be a gift to a needy family here at the Mole that we are going to give away later in our week.  By noon, we were tired, hot and ready for lunch.  For me this work was very satisfying.  I enjoyed working along side the Haitian men.  They were very kind to me.  At first they would not let me carry any large stones, telling me “no, no, petite, petite!”

After a quick lunch, we held our VBS at the church here.  This was a lot of fun.   Lots of children came.  We sang songs, then Barb told them a story about Jesus, and after that we split up into groups.  We made cross necklaces, let the girls play with jump ropes, and Dave and Jason taught the boys tug of war.  The boys really loved that!  The kids really enjoyed the granola bars everyone donated for us to distribute.  We also gave the children pencils, stickers, and crystal light packages to flavor their water.  Later that evening two little girls came out of their house shaking their water bottles to mix their crystal light.  We enjoyed seeing their smiles as they showed us their bottles!

After VBS, we attended women’s bible study and men’s bible study.  Barb and I had the honor of getting to speak to the women.  Barb gave her testimony about how trusting Jesus and loving Jesus healed her broken heart.  I spoke to them mother to mother about our love for our children to draw an analogy to help explain our Heavenly Fathers’ love for us.  This was very rewarding for me, and I pray our talks make a difference in their lives somehow.  They thanked us afterward that they were able to learn we have the same hurts that they do.   Stephen and the men discussed with the men about how God instructs them to treat their wives.  The men asked many questions of them, so I pray their lesson was helpful.

After bible study we watched the sunset.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The church here is right on the beach, a very picturesque setting.  We just finished dinner and are doing out nightly group discussions.  This has been a great way to end our days.  We are learning so much about each other, which has been wonderful for team unity.  I am so thankful for this opportunity, our group, and for our hosts Jody, Jose and their staff!


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