Visiting Daniel Village Again…

Saturday afternoon – Jose, Beth, Pierre, Gabriel and myself loaded a Kubota (Small Utility Vehicle) and headed an hour and 15 minutes out to the Daniel Village. As I wrote before –  this village is hesitant to welcome missionaries. We were hoping to talk to the leaders in this village but everyone was at market or working! We talked to a few of the neighbors in the area and made plans to come back again!

We were finally able to take some pictures of the school we were talking about.

The first set of missionaries started a school in Daniel.  They tried to finish that school on their own. The earthquake destroyed part of the school but they tried to patch it back. The govt. said that school is not safe and they aren’t supposed to meet in it. The walls are leaning out and could possible fall which would make the roof cave in.

This past year “missionaries” from St Marc came to help them build a new school Every student raised 50-100 dollars to put towards it. The “missionaries” left with the money. This is all that was done:

This place is really in the middle of nowhere! There are parts of the path that a regular-sized truck would not fit on. It is going to be really important for us to get a small vehicle to minister to these very remote areas.

On our way back to the mission – we noticed another little community with a church. This area is called Provo. It’s a little more organized and they welcomed us to do anything special with them. They have around 200 children. Here is a picture of their church.

We have a team coming to Haiti this March. On March 14th Daniel and Provo will have it’s first VBS.

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