Discipling Karenage…

The last few visits we’ve made to Karenage with American teams –  we’ve been extremely disappointed with the people. They have not been able to control themselves. They are unlike any of the other villages we’ve reached out to. There is a lack of unity there.

I talked to the Pastor about my concerns for this town. He went last week and talked with the people. I was pleasantly surprised to hear about his meeting.

The people apologized for their behavior and said the reason why they struggle is because no one is there to shepherd them. Most of them do not know Jesus personally – and they struggle to have any sort of faith that God will really take care of them.

They asked the Pastor if we would hold church there on Thursdays. They are giving us a small piece of land to build a little shelter – a little thatch roof church made of sticks! This week we are sending a group from the church to meet with Karenage – to hold a service and disciple them!

Please be praying for their hearts – that they will truly be open to receiving the Word. Also pray for those that are going to disciple. This is a brand new Evangelizing committee! The church has been talking non-stop the last several days – EXCITED – that God is using them to touch the hearts of those in this village! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

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