1st Church Service in Karenage

I am SO excited to report about today’s excursion! We had 25 from our congregation walk an hour to Karenage to hold its first church service. The town was very welcoming! The Pastor said for the first time he felt the town had a gentle spirit! Praise the Lord!

They sang songs, shared scripture, and the Pastor preached a short sermon!  One lady from Karenage asked to sing a solo!! We haven’t built the little church-structure yet so they are just meeting outside by a tree! It couldn’t have gone better!

I sent the camera as I had a small team here visiting Preskul. Unfortunately it was on “video” mode instead of “picture” mode! So I have about 30 14-second video clips!! (HA! HA! I LOVE IT!)

I have strung them all together so you can get a small peek inside the service!! Understand they do not flow together AT ALL!!! ENJOY! 😀

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