Update From The Mole…

The Castillo Family is in the states for the next month. The next post for this blog will be on April 1st when the Wedding Team comes to Haiti! They will be spending their entire trip in the Mole!! There will be 20 couples getting married on the beach! HOW EXCITING!!!

So make sure you check back in 10 days so you can hear all about the ministry taking place during their trip! If you would like to be notified anytime there is a new post – you can subscribe to the blog! On the right-hand side of the blog – there is a sign-up button! Instead of checking for frequent updates – you can be notified by email anytime there is one.

In the meantime – please pray for:

1) The teens who attended the convention this past week. They were left with a lot to think about. We pray that this was life-changing for them. They will need prayers every single day for strength to do what they know the Lord wants them to.

2) For the staff! We have spent the last month really pushing each other to PERSONALLY seek the lost! We don’t need to wait for the campus to be built – we are ALL to be missionaries today! We have weekly meetings to discuss who we need to pray for and how we are advancing in our efforts. Like anything else – the advancements don’t happen overnight!

3) For the Harvest Revival. The Mole Church is holding an 8-day revival early April! We are bringing in an Evangelist and have lots of activities planned for the week. Please be praying for the leaders as the prepare over these next two weeks.

4) For Miss Beth! She will be holding down the fort for the next month! It is not always easy! Normally the internet quits working, something happens to one of the staff members, or we run out of campus money! SO  – let’s be pro-active and keep Beth in our prayers as she faces the typical challenges!

5) For New Radio Program! Jody will be starting a weekly radio program for children/women. She will use this time to talk about medical things as well as give a devotion! It will be one way to reach thousands at a time! She would love ANY ideas you have about things she could share! Feel free to leave a comment or email – jody@nwhcm.org with your thoughts!

6) For the Construction Team! We hope to completely finish the first set of orphan homes within the next 10 days. We will then begin on the latrines and the 2nd set of orphanage homes! There are typical issues with any construction project! These men work really hard and they need daily prayers for strength!

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