day 1.

We woke up at 4:30am….so needless to say 14 or so hours later, we are a tiny bit exhausted. But oh so glad to be here. We flew out of Miami and made it to Port au Prince and somewhat seemlessly made it through customs and on to a second air port where we waited for a couple hours…and once we made it to The Mole (on a dirt runway mind you) we were home sweet home.

A few things we learned today:
– Any other levels than easy and airport on the game papertoss on an iphone are maddening (but mainly because I’m terrible at them.)
– It’s a small world. Diane met a man from Nashville on our flight to Haiti that knew her dad.
– The only thing that makes TSA pleasant is the guy at Miami-Dade international airport who was freestyle rapping what we had to to as we approached the security check point…and it takes a lot to make us laugh at 5:45am.

To close our days post, today as we were standing in the Tortuga Air airport (and I use that term very loosely) the Pyle girls and Diane were talking to two of the workers and all making fun of one another. As I watched them all connect, despite language barriers, I began to remember why I fell in love with these people ten years ago. So genuine and sweet and their smiles will do nothing but bring you joy. Tomorrow, we head to Preskul for VBS!

oh and p.s. our three first timers are doing great!!

-Jackie Herb

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