day 2.

What an incredible day today here in the Mole.  This morning after breakfast we traveled to the village of Preskul.  It was a very long bumpy ride, but well worth it.   When we arrived,  it was quite a shock to see the homes the people live in.  Small little grass huts, that couldn’t be more than 10×10 feet.  Some members of the church here in the Mole were holding a small church service under a tree with about 30 villagers listening.  After the service ended, 5 people came to Christ.  It was so amazing to see!  After the service, we were allowed to share some stories of Christ with them.  Then, Emily, Nancy and I shared with the ladies and Joe, Stephen, and Buster took the men and listened to their concerns and offered encouragement.  Our kids shared and played with the kids there.  We were humbled by what we saw and heard, the concerns and struggles are many, but the hope we have in our lives, is the same hope in their lives.

We got back to the Mole after 1:00, had lunch, rested and went to the beach.

All in all, I would say, today was a perfect day!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow hold…

In Christ,


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