1st Granmoun Party In The Mole…

(from earlier this month)

Everyone loves a party…right?  Well, our team decided that we wanted to celebrate with the granmoun in the Mole.  We wanted to throw them a party and celebrate their lives, to let them know how special they are to us and to Jesus.  We had a birthday party with hats, balloons, birthday cake and even a DJ.  You wouldn’t believe how some of those men cut a rug! I think dancing is just a God given talent to some people.   I was a beautiful sight. Some of the ladies got their nails painted, I think there was even a man or two who did the same. There was dancing and lots of laughter.

At the end of the party, we wanted to share with them the story of Jesus serving his disciples by washing their feet, so we had a foot washing ceremony just outside the church by the ocean.  It was just a wonderful experience to show them the love of Christ.

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