Holy Week in the Mole…

Posted on April 24, 2011 by coachin4christ (BETH LOCKWOOD)

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. “Acts 2:46-47

Last night was a sleepless night and I felt I was being attacked all night. Every time I thought I was falling off to sleep I would hear voices in my room or the dogs were barking unusually. I kept thinking of the song I wrote in the last post. When my alarm went off this was what I heard in my mind and in my heart. I was excited about this day and gathering with my sisters and brothers for a sunrise service and to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As I arrived at the church I was one of the first ones there. I am my Father’s daughter as I dislike being late to anything. In Haiti if you say service is at 6am be prepared for it to begin at 6:30 or in our case today 6:45:>) It seems like this whole week I have been waiting, but in the waiting I have had opportunities to share and minister to individuals and to connect with those in our congregation. For example after women’s Bible study on Mon. the ladies asked me to stay and sing with them. I of course could not pass up the opportunity. The songs that we sung I knew and it was such a blessing to know in singing in Creole my mind could hear the English. On Tues. morning Tizzie (staff) asked if I was going to practice with them again this day. Again a resounding yes and she told me they met at 3pm. I show up at 3pm, but no one arrives until 3:40. Even Tizzie didn’t arrive until 3:45:>) I had to laugh. Same thing happened on Wed. They asked me if I would sing during our services on Thurs. and Fri. I was a bit hesitant, but I did join them. This week I call…hurry up and wait!!! The difference between the beginning of the week and today was that I wasn’t frustrated or annoyed…I was calm and peaceful.

Thurs. was a jam packed day full of many surprises. First meeting with Brother Marcel for a language lesson and we ended up in a great conversation about discipleship and being an example. Yes, I even had this conversation in Creole…Praise the Lord!!!! I have a long way to go, but in the past month my language skills have grown which has been such an answer to prayer!!! Amen. It was a privilege to be able to encourage my brother and to pray for him and his family. In the afternoon he and I walked out to Karanage to disciple the village there. This was the first time I had been in this village and the first thing I saw was a lamb. (You just don’t see many lambs…or I haven’t anyway:>) Brother Marcel caught me off guard and asked me to pray at the beginning of our service. I froze for a few seconds and then the words came forth (in Creole). We sang and then he asked me to speak with them…again I froze a few seconds and then the words came forth again encouraging them and reminding them that when we fall…when it is difficult (and I fell on my knees ) that Jesus will lift us up at times he will carry us. We finished the service and Frere Marcel and myself and a couple from the Mole Church walked back to the church as we had service this night. I walked away in awe, because much of what I said I don’t remember, but Frere Marcel told me they understood. Service this night would be the remembrance of the last supper as everyone broke bread together and drank juice. We followed Jesus’ example and we washed one another’s feet which was such a beautiful way to finish the day.

Friday we came together to remember the crucifixion. We sang songs of praise and Pastor ILoney gave the message and then Jocelyn (NWHCM Leadership-Mole) interpreted the movie of Mathew. Well not the whole movie, but he started on chapter 15. I am surprised he did not lose his voice as it was pretty cold out and we did not finish until about 9:30pm He stayed strong with the God’s strength.

So this brings us to this morning and waking up ready to celebrate the Resurrection. We joined together for hot chocolate (which was awesome…never experienced Haitian Coca:>) and each person was able to have 2 big helpings of bread. It was again beautiful to see one another breaking bread together and sharing the joy of this day. To be able to see children and gran moun (elderly) eating a meal that they were not expecting. Mesi Jezi for your provision!!! Amen!!! We began our service with praise and what song should we happen to sing “Because He Lives”…the same song I sang thru the evening and woke with this morning. I love how God speaks to us in this way. Today we had 10 visitors and we also had 5 people that walked all the way from Ka Pa Fu (one of them is 8months pregnant and one was an older man that they found that he does not know who he is or his family…the people of Ka Pa Fu took him in..such a beautiful act of love) These hikes for me remember was 2 hours… Can you imagine being elderly or 8 months pregnant? They were so excited to join us today. The message was from our Frere Pierre (NWHCM-Mole Leadership). He gets so excited when he speaks about Jesus!!! I don’t always know what he says, but my Spirit tells me he is speaking God’s truth to the hearts of the people.

It has been a beautiful Holy Week with its ups and downs…I gave you but a glimpse of this week, but thru it all I have had the privilege of having a front row seat to watching God fulfill the above scripture and continues to fulfill as we will be baptizing many more this coming Sat. and taking on the responsibility of preparing them to be disciples. The task ahead is great, but the joy is so sweet. May the Lord Bless you this Resurrection Sunday.


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