Foot-Washing, Shoes, and Soccer….

Hi, my name is Holden. Today, I woke up to the sounds of roosters crowing outside my window, then realized my bed and my clothes were drenched in sweat. So then I got up, and took a small shower. After a while we left and went to the church (military tent) and we sorted the shoes by size and gender to give out to the Haitians once they came out from church service.

Once the service was over we told them about the shoes we were going to bless them with, then told them to come up two at a time to measure their feet. After they had their size, they got their shoes and came to the place where we washed their feet and put their shoes on for them, while praying for every one of them.

We got back a while later and had some time to do whatever we wanted. While most of the guys were sleeping, I played games with the children, like jump rope and limbo. Then after we ate lunch, we went to the sports area of the Mole and had a small sports camp. We had basketball, frisbee, and soccer, or football, as they call it in Haiti. I was kind of trying to play soccer, which for me was watching the ball move around the field.

The Haitian boys on the side laughed at me for some reason, then wanted to see how strong I was, so they told me to do push ups and exercises. Then, we got into arm wrestling, I won once, lost once, then a crowd of people came around and these big teenagers came and wanted to arm wrestle with me, so then Steve, one of the main leaders of the group, told me to move and let him arm wrestle this big guy. For a while, I just sat there and watched all of these people come and try. It was amazing how much the people loved to arm wrestle. well, I enjoyed every minute of the day and had lots of fun.

(FYI – He’s 12 years old!! As was our last blogger! They both are AMAZING. Today they both washed the feet of hundreds of Haitians and prayed with each one. I have never seen 2 kids with more spirit!)

This is a very short video clip of the foot-washing….

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