Working Together…

It’s Thursday morning and we’re up early.  I’ve been losing all sense of time and schedule while here in the Mole.  It’s more like life just unfolding rather than being chopped into so many little compartments from our busy American lives.  Yesterday was another full day.  We spent most of the day in two smaller teams.  Our larger group worked to set up two military tents to be used for church and for future mission teams.  We were faced with a challenge to connect one existing tent to another new one.  These tents are over sixteen feet high so we had to work well together as a team and show some creativity and athletic ability to pull it off.  Leigh was quick to climb the frame and lead the team to a successful completion to our project.  Beka and Holden anchored the tent with stakes and helped to weave the seams together.

The smaller team, Randy and Spencer stayed back to build a water distillery to be delivered today to a small fishing village called Ka Pa Fu.  We will bring them a source of fresh water from salt water and will spend time sharing the larger story of God’s redemptive plan of hope through Jesus Christ.  This presentation will include impromptu skits throughout to act our various biblical stories.  This ought to be interesting and definitely entertaining.

God has been so good and gracious to all of us throughout our trip through fruitful ministry, safety, and a strong spirit of team unity.  Please continue to pray for us in our efforts to be available to love these beautiful people.  We have experienced the grace and power of your prayers already.




  1. Hey! Looks like you guys are busy,busy! One small note of concern : Have you see my hubby, Randy, lately? I’ve only seen him in one photo. Have you had enough of him and marooned him at an island somewhere? Lololol. Just kidding, tell him his girls said ” hey ” and that we miss him so much! Our prayers continue to go out daily for you guys!

  2. LOL!! I will make sure we post some of him tonight!! You should have seen him playing basketball with a bunch of the Haitian teenagers! He’s been a lot of fun!! 🙂

  3. Ahhhhh…thank you for those pics! It looks like he’s in his element. I knew he was around there some place…lol. I also knew he’d be down there trying to prove his

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