New Small Dorm…

We have spent the last few weeks working tirelessly on a new dorm. When groups come to the Mole they always stay in a hotel a few blocks away.  The hotel is expensive and we really wanted to keep small teams closer to us.

There is a brand new unfinished home next door to our current group center. On top of it is where we have our dining hall. We have built a little cabana and we now have enough chairs and tables for 80 people!

Since we rented the top of the house for our dining hall – we went ahead and rented the inside of the house for a dorm. We have 3 bedrooms –  each with 3-4 beds. We have a storage depot, an office, and a bathroom! We also built a small outdoor shower behind the dorm!

This dorm currently holds 10 people. Once we get our bunk beds in – we should be able to house as many as 16.

Here are a few pictures:

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