Last Day For Team Endurance…

Hey guys – Steve here. What an amazing week and day! Today we as a team decided that we wanted to return to Ka Pa Fu. We collected money for the boat and loaded the rest of the distilleries and headed out. We were all very excited to return. As Spencer said, the first trip we got to know them a little. The second trip, we built a stronger relationship and took the distilleries. So today was returning to hang out with friends. We must have been there for 4 hours – hanging out and talking, joking, playing soccer and even trying fresh lobster!

Before we left, we stood in a circle with them and prayed together as friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. It was amazing and my heart was happy and heavy as the village faded out of site. God is doing a work there and we have an amazing opportunity to be involved! There is so much more we can do to show Gods love!

The afternoon in the Mole was fun as we just went out and enjoyed the town. I’ll now turn it over to the other White brother for the rest of this blog –

Randy? Well its been awesome but looking forward to seeing my three girls! I bought a lobster from a fisherman today in Ka Pa Fu. The chief’s wife cooked it for us and it was great – best ever!  I cherish the new relationships I have made with the team and the ones here.

Everyone needs to come here for a reality check.  These are the most beautiful and sweetest people and they are so humble.  We in the states could learn so much from them. Already looking forward to coming back with my whole family next time. Soon I hope. GOD loves Haiti.

See ya soon



  1. Sounds like one of the White boys is homesick….lol
    I know that is a hard place to leave and the attachments are hard to explain to someone who’s never gone on a trip such as this. (I remember Jamaica)…
    The Holy Spirit seems to consume you when you go with love as your only motivation. I know you all have been so blessed as I’m sure the people were.

    We are praying that angels guide you back home safely….

  2. The Team has been a lot of fun! Randy has quite the heart for the people – as does Steve! It’s been fun to watch the brothers serve here together!!

    This team definitely left a lasting impression….for all of us.

  3. This blog is fantastic to keep us all updated! I’m so overjoyed at how Jesus is using each of you in the lives of the people of Haiti. What a team of unity! You remain in my prayers as you continue the work that God has for you there and I’m hearing, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news”. Your DAD is sooooo proud of each and every one of you, “Mighty Daughters and Sons of the Most High God”! And Leigh, that pic of you w/ the baby is priceless! You are beautiful, friend.


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