Wolfforth UMC Day 1…

Well, after our first full day in Haiti, our team finally experienced rain. Being Lubbockites, we don’t see much of that.

We woke up to the roosters crowing and donkeys hee-hawing then came to have breakfast and learn the ways of the mission. We then went on an incredible prayer walk through the town and after lunch we spent the rest of the day loving on the townspeople, playing games in the street, talking, trying to anyway, with them and the interpreters, and we did that for a good four hours at least. We just had dinner and are quite exhausted to put it lightly, and it’s only 7:50.

On the prayer walk, God was evident in all of us who were praying. Walking around and hearing people willingly speak aloud to the Lord was so moving and encouraging. Also, playing with all the kids and just seeing their lifestyle was very eyeopening. I have never been so thankful for literally everything I have. I’m so excited to see God move through us and around us this week!

Randi Reding

Wolfforth UMC Haiti Team

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  1. Awe, that is So exciting to hear your words, Randi. I am so proud all of you. You truly are a gift from God.
    Love you,

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