PV Day 1…Prayer Walk and Play Time…

The ten hour bus ride was terrible, but it was all worth it! Today the whole group went prayer walking. We went around the Mole and prayed for the people of Haiti and the atmosphere around them. In between prayers, we talked to the children.

Later today, we went to the park and played with the kids. We taught them a lot of games and they taught us some. The youth and I discovered that all the children want is to come up and hug and hold your hand. The kids like you to pick them up and play games with you.  We saw a lot of different activities. Some played soccer and basketball, others jump roped in large groups.  All of the little kids seemed very friendly and just wanted to know your name. My favorite part was getting to hold all the little girls who just wanted to be loved on.

So overall, everything is going fine.  The group is all doing very good. I’m ready to be home but at the same time there is so much to be done in this town.

Parker Overby

Day one at the mole left the team feeling worn out, but excited for day two.  We started the day by walking around the mole and praying over the people, their homes and new orphanage currently being built.  It was wonderful to watch the kids running around as we prayed for their hearts to be open to what God has for them.  We spent the afternoon playing in the rain at the park. The children are so eager to talk and play, they have a joy that is incredibly contagious!  I even had a couple of girls asking if I loved Jesus.  It was wonderful to be able to understand a bit of the French some of the children were speaking and communicate with them. I am excited to see what else God has in store for this trip and what He wants from our team in this place!

Sarah Hardin

Oh yeah, and I really love Cody Clawson

(There was also a leadership conference held today at church with 25 potential church leaders. What a great thing for them to be poured into and taught how to apply the scriptures that they’ve already memorized).

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